Empowering Intellect, Inspiring Brighter Futures

The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation

Our focus is on transforming the lives of young people from the Middle East. We invest in brighter futures.



Our vision is of a world where people have common rights, justice and equal opportunity. The corner stone of human development is empowering youth through education and accessibility.

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Our Impact

We facilitate transformative experiences in higher education for young people from the Middle East so that they can achieve their intellectual potential. We work with many universities across the US and UK to share the costs of master’s scholarships. We help give our students access to the wide range of educational opportunities that the world has to offer and ensure that these opportunities are available to them regardless of their financial status. We are consistent in our support of scholars, charities and communities.


20 Students

We are currently supporting 20 students across three continents

American Universities: 10 Students
UK Universities: 9 Students
Malaysia Universities: 1 Student


6 of the top 20 Universities

We work with 6 of the top 20 universities in the world delivering STEM degrees, including MIT, Duke and Cambridge University

Nationalities of our students:
17 from Palestine
4 from Lebanon
4 from Jordan


1st Class Degrees

100% of our students have achieved 1st class degrees from schools or their undergraduate degrees


Scholarship Process

The Bseisu Foundation strives to support young people across the Levant, by providing and facilitating opportunities for higher education in the UK and US.

Established in 2005, The Bseisu Foundation Scholarship Programme supports individuals who display passion and commitment to their studies. Intended for those unable to afford full-time study abroad, we seek talented people and provide them with financial support in order to maximise their educational experience.

Our mission is to educate and empower individuals in our target countries of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. By investing in these transformative experiences of education, we feel that our mission is truly accomplished.


Scholarship Strands

Scholarships are primarily offered for one-year postgraduate courses in the US and UK. However, students applying for undergraduate study may still be considered.

Please note the application form will not become available until The Bseisu Scholarship application process is live (around September).


1. Partner UniversitIES

The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation works with several universities offering scholarships in the UK for students studying STEM subjects. Students apply directly to our partner universities for a STEM course, stating the need for financial aid in their application. If accepted for a STEM course by the university and you meet all the eligibility requirements, you will be put forward by the university for a Bseisu Scholarship.


The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation works in partnership with organisations such as AMIDEAST, The Gaza Scholarship Scheme and LIFE Lebanon. These organisations allow us to connect and identify exceptional students across the Middle East, providing scholarships for university placements around the world.  

3. STEM Bseisu Scholarship

The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation offers a scholarship each year to students that have been accepted to a STEM post-graduate course at a university in the UK. Before applying for the Annual Bseisu Scholarship, students must obtain an unconditional offer from a UK university in a STEM post-graduate course and meet all eligibility criteria of the Foundation. In addition, applicants must apply with a sponsoring individual or organisation that has already agreed and is willing to contribute the tuition fees of their course. 

Tawfiq, 2019 Scholar

“I would advise all future students searching for a scholarship opportunity to not lose hope, keep trying until you reach your dreams. There are many difficult dreams to achieve, but none are impossible!”

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We work with some of the most prestigious universities offering STEM courses across the world, including Cambridge University, Duke University and Imperial College London.