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The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation focuses on transforming lives of people from the Middle East.

We strive for brighter futures.


Our vision is to help in building a world based on civil society, uniform rights and equal opportunity.


  •  To facilitate transformative experiences for young people from the Levant and give them access to the highest levels of education.

  • To empower those that lack the resources needed to fully achieve their aspirations.  

  • To support charities in generating positive change and to strengthen civil society through targeted and strategic funding.


  •  Diversity and Inclusivity: We aspire to create differentiated and transformative experiences. We challenge the barriers of discrimination and unequal opportunity that limit so many throughout the Levant.    

  • Accessibility: We believe in enabling access to the world’s opportunities, ensuring the underprivileged have access to these opportunities.

  • Consistency: We are consistent in our support of scholars, charities or communities. We believe in building reliable and dependable relationships with the people we work with.


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