Our Recent Support For Professors Without Borders

The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation are adamant in continuing our efforts to contribute to institutions aimed on promoting access to a global education for those in need in Africa and beyond. We have been able to accomplish this through our recent support for Professors Without Borders.


“Professors Without Borders is a small not-for-profit NGO that aims to contribute to the cooperative creation, strengthening, and development of expertise and collaborative experience towards the consolidation of a mesh structure between Peace and Conflict Studies researchers, educators, and practitioners around the globe.” the charity told The Amjad & Suha Bseisu Foundation.


Areas within the Middle East and Africa are in desperate need of education for their future generations that will lead the societies that right now find their governments quite corrupt. Thus being the reason for urgent need for education in these areas through charities that provide western quality education such as Professors Without Borders.


Contributions from benefactors such as our foundation will be directed towards “Supporting Professors without Borders and their volunteers in their endeavours to bridge educational divides and provide access to a global education for those in need.”


If you would like to learn more about this subject matter or seek descriptions and donation options to potentially expedite The National Osteoporosis Society’s objectives as illustrated above please visit the ‘Projects’ page under the ‘Get Involved’ tab on our website.