Rafat grew up in Gaza, Palestine. Rafat joined the Bridge Palestine programme and was encouraged to apply to universities across the world. In two months, Rafat applied and was accepted into eighteen universities. Rafat decided to accept his offer at King’s College London because it was an outstanding and world-renowned university. Rafat was also excited about living in London which he describes as “the best city for studying.”


Rafat studies computer science at Kings, currently completing his Foundation year. Rafat will continue on as an undergraduate at Kings, focussing on computer science and robotics. Much of what Rafat knows about robotics he learnt himself through watching internet clips and reading. Rafat is excited to take his knowledge to the next step, discovering the role of artificial intelligence.


Rafat is undecided on his next steps following university. Keen to launch himself into his degree and fascination with computers, Rafat will look to the big tech companies throughout the world for a suitable place.