Current Scholars 2019



Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Aziza won a scholarship from St. Olaf College to pursue a degree in Psychology and Neuroscience.  

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Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Yusuf studies Mathematics and Computer Science at Swarthmore College, US.



Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Diana is studying Biomedical Engineering at Binghamton University, New York.



Partner University: Imperial College London

Basheer is currently enrolled in the MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial College London.


Partner University: Imperial College London

Christina graduated with distinction from the American University of Beirut with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specialising in Finance.


Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

AMIDEAST and Altaawon helped with his college applications and then Tawfiq was accepted into Western Michigan University.



Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Accepted into Vassar College, Mohamad will be graduating in May 2021 with a BA in computer science.


Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Yara is currently in her final year at MIT pursuing a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and biology, with a minor in political science.


Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Yazan is currently in his junior year, due to finish at MIT in 2020.



Individual Bseisu Scholarship

Zain is completing a foundation year in computer science at Manchester University.


Partner Organisation: AMIDEAST

Luna studies Political Science and Economics at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota.


Individual Bseisu Scholarship

Rafat studies computer science at Kings, currently completing his Foundation year.

Bseisu Foundation Alumni

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Partner Organisation: Chevening Scholarship

Samah Saleh was born and raised in Jabalia refugee camp and became a top student winning a dozen regional and national competitions. Samah was awarded a scholarship for medical studies. She qualified top of her class in 2013 and worked as a physician and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Medicine.
In 2015 Samah discovered she had a brain tumour. Overnight, Samah switched from physician to patient. This experience changed Samah’s life and prompted a new life goal; to change the way health is delivered in Palestine to ease the tremendous suffering of patients there. Encouraged by this new path, Samah moved from clinical practice to Health Management and successfully applied for a Master’s program at Imperial College London. Samah completed her maters, focusing on the role of Artificial Intelligence in the prevention of disease.