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Brought up in Saida Lebanon, Youssef Qaddoura believes that to solve problems you must invest in your own talent. He describes his youth growing up in a refugee camp as ‘a learning experience’ that has shaped his perspective on personal development and social impact.  Youssef studies Mathematics and Computer Science at Swarthmore College, US. His dream is to win the Fields Medal in Mathematics. Youssef intends to donate the winnings to helping Arab students discover and develop their own mathematical talent. 

At Swarthmore, he is preparing himself for a PHD, focusing his efforts on strengthening his application. Alongside mathematics and computer science, Youssef explores his interests in Arabic, literature and peace and conflict studies. Described by Youssef as ‘intense rigour,’ Swarthmore College and its academic focus allows Youssef to strive for excellence in everything he does.